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Welcome to the Halesowen Apostolic Church
Church as Christ's Apostles intended

Acts 2:38 - "Repent, and let every one of you be baptised in the name of Jesus for the remission of your sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit."

Why Apostolic?

Church started when Jesus left and sent His spirit to help us. It is the body of God, doing his will on earth.


Church seeks, saves and sanctifies people so that they can be set free to do God’s will in their lives.


There is one God, one faith, one church, and we are part of this church. A church of God, following the teachings of God and not of man.


Apostolic worship is that which was set out in the Bible. It is divine worship, true to the apostles and teachings of Jesus Christ.    


Our all-inclusive church based in Lutley follows the teachings of the apostles and offers a warm welcome to all.  


Most people spend their lives preparing for the future; how many are preparing their souls?

This Apostolic Christian Church has been created to help people save their souls with three basic principles:

  1. Seeking people who do not know the truth about God

  2. Teaching people how to get saved

  3. Working with people every day to help them build their faith


Join our services


Halesowen Apostolic Church,

Lutley Community Centre, 

(access via the Lutley School drive)

Brookwillow Road,


B63 1BU


10am every Sunday


Whether you are a believer, want some purpose in your life, just curious or want someone to talk to, you are welcome. Jesus came to save us all. If you want to find out how, it's for you.

Jesus! Want to learn about the biggest name in history?

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Truth Revealed
For those who want to know if God exists 



Bible Study
For those who believe and want to receive the promises of God



Worship, preaching, prayer and fellowship in body and spirit

get ultimate

purpose in your life

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Truth Revealed

Truth Revealed

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