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Do you think God is in control? He is, but not of the Earth. He has given man dominion over the Earth and everything in it, and He will come back and judge every one of us on how we have lived. Over millennia and many generations man has made many decision on his own which have caused many problems. Covid-19 has been shown to have come from man's carelessness. It originated in a country that does not know God and therefore cannot ask Him for help (another of man's decisions). Dear ready, please do not make the same mistake yourself.

where's god in 


When we go through life-changing problems, it's expected that we have questions.


Whilst Jesus told us of the pestilence and tribulations to come, even those with faith can find their faith tested to the limit.

Jesus also promised to take away our burdens so that those who believe in Him can be freed from the fear of bad things happening. 

This is a promise to everyone who wants to know Jesus. It has been tried and tested by billions of Christians for nearly 2,000 years.

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This church offers personal, simple, supportive and friendly Bible teaching so that you can start to realise the purpose that God made you for. 

Email: with your details and have a look at what you don't know about God. 

This can be your start - live with purpose, take control of your life and not be swayed by these things outside of our control.

online teaching

The Truth Revealed

Am I Really Saved?

Discipleship Study

A series of teachings straight from the Bible to give people who know nothing or very little a knowledge of God.

For believers who do not know about the plan of salvation set out in the Bible, or who think they have been saved but still haven't repented, been baptised in the name of Jesus and received the gift of the Holy Spirit. 

For born again, spirit filled Christians. Grow in knowledge of God's word to make you an effective and therefore blessed Christian. 

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