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If it's not in the bible, it's not of god

Want to see God working in your life? There is power in prayer.

What do we pray for? - Halesowen Apostolic Church
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Experience church as God intended it.


The Halesowen Apostolic Church is church as the apostles did. Our all-inclusive church serves the community to preach and teach the word of God.

The Apostles believed that there are five gifts from our Lord:

Fellowship - Our religious services and teachings are open to all – churched or non-churched.

Worship – Meeting and worship. Sermons can be listened to here.  

Discipleship – Our church offers Discipleship training to further enhance your spiritual growth.

Ministry – Our Pastor is local Pentecostal minister and missionary Mark Hemus.

Missions – Read about our Mission here.

If you’re seeking answers to the very meaning of life, have questions about God or are simply looking for weekly worship in your local area, join us today and you will receive a very warm welcome.

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