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want to find out if

god exists?

Look to the stars!


So many people have their own thoughts and opinions about if there is a God, but how much do they actually know?

We want to reveal to you the truth that is hidden from so many people. Find out the answers to lots of questions and doubts we have in this life.

Truth Revealed is a series of talks to help people gain knowledge, or increase their knowledge about God and the Bible.

Is there more to life than this?

What's the purpose of my life?

What are we here for?

Is there life after death?

A short introduction which will take place on Wednesday night the 22nd of January 2020 at 7:30 pm.

Do not worry, there is no pressure, it is a really good friendly atmosphere, you are not asked to do anything, just listen and learn and of course you will be able to ask questions at the end. Our purpose is just to help people, to find out knowledge about God and how real he can be in our life and understand the life he wants for us.

Open your mind and try something new...

Lutley Community Centre

Brookwillow Road


B63 1BU


Hundreds of people have been able to improve their life satisfaction, what have you got to lose?

Think this isn't for you? Think again!

"I was an atheist, but had to admit that I'd never studied the Bible like I studied science." Ben

"I had been going to traditional churches all my life, and no one had ever taught me anything." Lorna

Wait no longer, this is your chance to get some truth
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